Kodak Rust, 2017 | Light-Sensitive Emulsion in Water | 10 x 8

Fuji Blue, 2017 | Light-Sensitive Emulsion in Water | 10 x 8

Blue in Black, 2017 | Over-Exposed Paper in Water | 10 x 8

Exploits    2017

Exploits are a set of ‘wet’ works that explore the sensibilities that lay within Colour Negative Papers. Honing in on the fragility of this technology, particularly in regard to the dyes that allow the recording process to take place, water is used as the facilitator for unusual, corrosive changes. Whether lifting emulsion off the paper or influencing colour shifts within them, the receptive qualities of paper become heightened, alluding to more abstract notions of awareness and perception. The changes and processes of disintegration in Exploits do not necessarily unfold in a controlled fashion, but rather, unexpectedly and autonomously.